Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Animations by Charity & Co.

Those who love and serve God on earth
will be right at home in heaven.
Read John 14:3

God has promised to supply
all our needs, not all our wants.
Read Luke 12:15

To the wise, God's Word is sufficient.
Read Psalm 119:11

In God's works we see His hand:
in His
Word we hear His heart.
Read James 1:22

It's ironic that one of the best remedies for impending
burnout is to give yourself away - to pick out
one time and place each week where you can
stretch out your hands for the pure joy of doing it.
Read Proverbs 21:5

God's purpose in pain
is to brand His image in our hearts.
Read Romans 8:18-30

Sunset in one land and sunrise is another.
Read Isaiah 60:20

God speaks to those who are quiet before Him
Read Psalm 46:10

Be a bridge of encouragement to someone today.
Read Acts 9:27

We influence future generations
by living for Christ today.
Read 2 Timothy 2:2

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