Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quote cards for today

Animations by Charity & Co.

You can have fun and still be efficient.
In face, you will be more efficient!!!
Nehemiah 8:10

It is never to late to start doing what is right!!!
Read Joel 2:32

If you say you don't sound like or look
like every other Christian, I say "Hallelujah!!"
Read 1 Samuel 16:7

Let me suggest one of the few
four letter words God loves to hear
us shout when we're angry or discouraged... it's HELP.
Read Psalm 50:15

When we accept the fact that sometimes seasons are dry
and times are hard and that God is in control of both, we
will discover a sense of divine refuge because the hope then
is in God and not in ourselves.
Read Hebrews 6:17

A major portion of our eye troubles could
probably be diagnosed when our eyes
are on ourselves.
Read Hebrews 12;2

Peace is the ability to wait patiently in spite of
panic brought on by uncertainty.
Read John 14:27

God builds trophies from scrap piles.
He makes clean instruments of beauty
from filthy failures of yesteryear.
Read John 15:3
I believe Joy and laughter and peace brings healing to the body.
Read Proverbs 15;30

Tucked away in a quiet corner
of every life are wounds and scars. If they were
not there, we would need no Physician. Nor would we need one
Read Psalm 6:2