Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quote cards for today

Animation by Charity & Co.

Sweet shall be your rest if your heart does not
reproach you.
Read Hebrews 10:22

Aspire to God with short but frequent outpourings of the heart:
admire His bounty: invoke His aid: cast yourself in spirit at the
foot of His cross: adore His goodness: treat with Him of your salvation: give Him your whole soul a thousand times in a day.
Read Matthew 7:7,8

Christian joy is a gift from God flowing from a good
Read Hebrews 10:22

If all things are possible with God, then
all things are possible to him who believes in Him.
Read Genesis 18:14

Start by doing what's necessary, then
what's possible and suddenly
you're doing the impossible.
Read Genesis 18:14

Nothing is clearer than that prayer has it's only worth
and significance in the great fact that God hears and
answers prayer.
Read Jeremiah 29:13

Blessings can either humble us and draw us
closer to God or allow us to become full of pride and self sufficiency.
Read Psalm 1:1

With each new dawn, life delivers a package to your
door, rings your doorbell and runs.....
Read Luke 9:23,24

When you ask God to do something,
don't ask timidly, put your whole heart into it.
Read Genesis 18:14