Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quote cards for today

Animations by Charity & Co.

There is no secret that can
separate you from the love of God.
Read Romans 3:23-24

If you can't tell whether your glass is half empty
or half full, you don't need another glass, you need
better eyesight and a more thankful heart.
Read Psalms 23:5-6

Christ has turned all our sunsets into dawn.
Read Psalms 20:4

Faith will not always get for us what we want,
but it will get what God wants us to have.
Read Psalms 143;10

Other men see only a hopeless end, but the
Christian rejoices in an endless hope.
Read Psalms 23:5-6

I think everybody ought to be a laughing Christian.
I am convinced that there is just one place
where there is not any laughter and that is hell.
Read Proverbs 15:13

Hope looks for the good in people,
open doors for people, discovers what can be done
to help, lights a candle.... Hope sets people free.
Read Psalms 20:4