Monday, December 15, 2008

Quote cards for today

Animation by Charity & Co.

Encouragement starts at home, it should never end there.
Read Proverbs 10:21

Prosperity is not without many fears and
adversity not without many comforts and hopes.
Read Psalms 62:10

Happiness is to be found only in
the home where God is loved and honored.
Where each one loves, and helps, and cares for the others.
Read Proverbs 10:21

If your heart is heavy and
you load you feel you can't bear,
remember there is a way to be light and
free and live a victorious life.
Read 1 John 2:5,6

You cannot out dream God.
Read Philippians 4:13

If you are looking for the way by
which you should go, take Christ, for he is himself the way.
Read 1 John 2:5,6

Selfishness is as far from Christianity as
darkness is from light.
Read Psalms 41:1

God Himself has laid the foundation of His
people's hopes. We must determine if our hopes are
built on this foundation.
Read Philippians 4:13

You pay God a compliment by
asking great things of Him.
Read Philippians 4:13