Monday, December 29, 2008

Quote cards for today

Animation by Charity & Co.

Jesus did not promise to change the circumstances
around us.  He promised great peace and pure joy to
those who would learn to believe that God actually
controls all things......Corrie ten boom....
Read Matthew 6;25

Whatever we focus on determines what we become.
Read Matthew 6:25

God is great and powerful, but
we must invite Him to be powerful in our lives.
His strength is always there, but it's up
to us to provide a channel through which
that power can flow.
Read 1 Peter 3:12

If there is anyone who see's
all the works of God and does not
Praise Him, if there is anyone who
cannot perceive God, that person is foolish.
Read Psalm 19:1

If a man knows where to get good advice, it is
as though he can supply it himself.
Read Proverbs 13:20

God's heart of mercy provides for us not only pardon
from sin but also a daily provision of spiritual
food to strength us.
Read Proverbs 19;11

God can do all that we need.
Read 1 Peter 3:12

The Christian believes in a fabulous future.
Read Proverbs 24:14

The closer we are to Godly people the
easier it is for us to live a
righteous life because they hold us accountable.
Read Proverbs 13:20

Wisdom is knowing what to overlook.
Read Proverbs 19:11