Friday, June 19, 2009

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Animations by Charity & Co.

Sometimes when faith is running low
and I cannot fathom why things are so,
I walk among the flowers I grow
And learn the answers to all I would know.
2 John 1:6

Jesus teaches by the Spirit of wisdom in the heart,
opening the understanding to the Spirit of revelation in
the word.

Zeal without knowledge is always less useful and
effective than regulated zeal, and very often is highly
Read Proverbs 19:2

We must choose between the driving forces that
rule our routine so we may live as God would
have us live here on earth.
Read Philippians2:13

There is no end to God's Love.
Read Psalms 77:14

Wisdom is knowledge applied. Head
knowledge is useless on the
battlefield. Knowledge stamped on the heart
makes on wise.
Read Galatians 5:22,23

We will always experience regret when we live for the moment
and do not weigh our words and deeds before we give them life.
Proverbs 19:2

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who
plants kindness gathers love.
Read 1 Peter 3:8

While great brilliance and intellect are
to be admired, they cannot dry our tear or mend
a broken spirit. Only kindness can accomplish this.
Read 1 Peter 3:8

Christians think they are prosecuting attorneys or
judges, when God has called all of us to be
Read Luke 6:37