Friday, November 14, 2008

Quote Cards for today

Today's animation by Charity & Co.

Faith does not eliminate problems. Faith
keeps you in a trusting relationship with God in the
midst of your problems.
Read Psalms 34:19

Always remember that problems contain values
that have improvement potential.
Read Psalm 34:19

God proved His love on the cross. When
Christ hung, and bled , and died it was God saying
to the world - I love you....... Billy Graham.....
Read 1 John 4:10

The life of faith is a daily exploration of the constant
and countless ways in which God's
Grace and Love are experiences.
Read Ephesians 2:8

If you want your neighbor to know what Christ will
do for him, let that neighbor see what Christ has done for you.
Read Matthew 5:14,16