Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quote card - war

Quote card - a friend

Quote card - relationship

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Quote card -birthday

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Quote card - happy birthday

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Quote card - birthday wishes

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Quote card - as young

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Animations by Charity & Co.

Be such a person and live such a life that if every
person were such as you and every life a life
like yours, would want what you have.
Read Proverbs 4:18,19
After one hour in heaven we
will be sorry we ever grumbled.
Read Philippians 2:14,15
What God ask of us is both simpler and more
profound than adherence to a system of beliefs
or following a set of rules. He ask us to walk with
Him through the blood and guts of our real experiences in
an honest pilgrimage where we let Him show us what real
strength and real love are all about.
Read Proverbs 29:1
Thanksgiving or complaining - these words
express two contrastive attitudes of the souls
of God's children. The soul that gives thanks can
find comfort in everything and the soul that complains
can find comfort in nothing.
Read Psalms 92:1

Truth will triumph. The Father of truth will win,
and the followers of truth will be saved.
John 16:13
Those who walk in truth, walk in liberty.
Read John 16:13
The father of truth will win,
Followers of truth will be saved.
Read John 16:13
I am a winner either way,
If I go or if I stay.
Read John 16:13
Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory!!!
Read Luke 21:34
A happy spirit takes the grind out of giving. The
grease of gusto frees the gears of generosity.
Read 2 Corinthians 9:7