Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quotes for today

Animations by Chairty & Co.

Only God could create the cosmos out of nothing.
Read Genesis 1:26

The Light of the World knows no power failure.
Read Ephesians 1;18-19

Jesus came to earth to repair our sin damaged lives.
Read Matthew 1:21

Trust through sorrow brings triumph over sadness.
Read Psalm 112:7

The birth of Christ brought God to man:
the cross of Christ brings man to God.
Read Luke 2:34-35

God's presence with us is His greatest present to us.
Read Hebrews 12:2

In Christ, God veiled His deity
to serve and to save humanity...rbc...
Read Isaiah 40:5

A miracle needs no explanation to those who believe
in God: to those who don't, no explanation is enough.
Read Revelation 22:5

Our only hope here below is help from God Above.
Read 1 Samuel 7:12

God's highest gift awakens our deepest gratitude.
Read Proverbs 29:1-7