Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quote cards for today

Today's animation by Charity & Co.

How beautiful it is to learn that grace isn't fragile,
and that in the family of God we can fail and not be a failure.
Read Proverbs 29:25

The life of strain is difficult.  The
life of inner peace - a life that comes from
a positive attitude - is
the easiest type of existence.
Read Ephesians 2:13,14

There is a communion with God
that ask for nothing, yet ask for
everything.... He who seeks the Father
more than anything he can give is likely
to have what he asks, for he is not likely to ask amiss.
Read Psalms 86:11

The purpose of all prayer is to find God's will and to
make that will our prayer.
Read Psalms 96:11

Do not be one of those who rather than
risk failure, never attempt anything.
Read Proverbs 29:25