Monday, May 4, 2009

Animations by Charity & Co.

Christ love for you is both intimate and personal. He
gave His life so that you might have the gift of
eternal life. His love is unbounded by time
or circumstance.
Read Romans 8:38-39

We often become mentally and spiritually
barren because we are to busy.
Read Proverbs 21:5

The wise man gives proper appreciation in his life to his past.
He learns to sift the sawdust of heritage in order
to find the nuggets that made the current moment
have any meaning.
Read Psalms 32:8

The truest help we can render an
afflicted man is not to take
his burden from him, but to call out his best
energy that he may be able
to bear the burden himself.
Read Ephesians 4:29

True learning can take place at every age of life,
and it doesn't have to be in the curriculum plan.
Read Psalms 32:8

What the devil loves is that vague cloud of unspecified
guilt feeling or unspecified virtue by which he lures us
into despair.
Read 2 Kings 20:5

While God gives His gifts freely, He
will require a strict accounting of them at the end
of the road. Each man is
personally responsible for his store, be it large
or small and will be required to explain his use of it
before the judgment seat of Christ.
Read Colossians 1:3

We may live together with Him here and
now, a daily walking with God who loved us
and gave Himself for us.
Read Isaiah 50-:4-5

Thanksgiving or complaining. ....
The soul that give thanks can find comfort
in everything but the soul that complains can
find comfort in nothing.
Read Philippians 2:14-15

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