Monday, April 6, 2009

Animations by Charity & Co.

God makes sure that a cheerful giver's well never runs dry...... AMMMMEN!!!!
Read Luke 6:34

In Christ we can move out of our past
into a meaningful present and
a breathtaking future.
Read Isaiah 43:18-19

What we think about when we are
free to think about what we willllllll...
that is what we are or will soon become.
Read Romans 12:2

Rejoicing in the Lord is appropriate in every situation.
Read Ecclesiastes 3:1

If we acknowledge God in all our ways
He has promised safely to direct our steps and
in our experience we shall find the promise fulfilled.
Read Isaiah 30;21

God made you and knows how to speak
to you in a way that you can hear.
Read Isaiah 30:31

Having the same opinion of yourself that
God does will transform your life.
Romans 12:2

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