Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Animations by Charity & Co.

God can accomplish anything He chooses to do.
If He ever ask you to do something, He Himself will
enable you to do it.
Read Isaiah 46:3-4

When I am criticized, injured or afraid,
there is a Father who is ready to comfort me.
Read Psalms 94:19

Our leisure is a matter of serious
concern. There is no neutral ground
in our universe, every square inch
is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.
Read Psalms 90:12

Acceptance is taking from God's hand absolutely
anything He gives, looking into His face in trust and
thanksgiving, knowing that the confinement of the
situation we are in is good and for His Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read Isaiah 43:18:19

Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited until
he could do it so well that no one could find fault
with it.
Read Ecclesiastes ll:4

The Rock of Ages is the great
sheltering encirclement.
Read 2 Samuel 22:2-3

The same God who empowered Samson, Gideon, and
Paul seeks to empower your life because
God hasn't changed.
Read Proverbs 12:25

Read Proverbs 4:5

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