Thursday, January 15, 2009

Animations by Charity & Co.

There is no depth that causes God
to lift His eyebrows in amazement..
He made it alllllll.
Read Psalm 90:2

Filter everything through the same question:
Will this bring glory to God or to me?
Read John 3:30

The very best platform upon which
we may build a case for
Christianity at work rests on six
massive pillars: integrity, faithfulness,
punctuality, quality, workmanship,
a pleasant attitude and enthusiasm.
Read Matthew 5:16

There is a great security in opening God's
timeless Book and hearing His voice. It
calms our fears. It clears our heads. It
comforts our hearts. Let it have it's
entrance today.
Read Roman 15:4

If necessity is the mother of invention,
persistence is certainly the father.
Read 2 Corinthians 4:1

Neither waves nor winds intimidate God.
Read Psalm 90:2

Put Christ first if you want your marriage to last.
Read Malachi 2;15

Quiet times with God
store up power for
future emergencies.
Read Psalm 46:10

Every time we encourage someone, we give
them a transfusion of courage.
Read proverbs 12:25

We show our love for God
when we share His love with others.
Read Matthew 22:39

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